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Welcome to


Here at

Von den Brookfields,

we are dedicated to producing the finest quality

German Shepherds

and devoted to the well being of the breed.

It is our commitment to maintain a very high standard, as set forth by the Verein Fur Schaferhunde (SV). The bloodlines utilized in our breeding program are those of top imported

West German Seiger lines.

We strive to achieve correct conformation,

strong builds, along with robust health and genetic soundness. We emphasize qualities of even temperament, high intelligence, strong working ability and an exceptional eagerness to please.

Our puppies embrace characteristics such as courage, loyaltyand self confidence while maintaining a gentle, playful, demeanor through maturity.

Their remarkable dedication towards family, expressive character, obedient nature, and ability to adapt to virtually any family lifestyle makes the German Shepherd Dog an outstanding choice.     

We welcome you to schedule a visit to our kennel.

It will be a pleasure to introduce you to all of our dogs,

and to discuss your interest in a German Shepherd dog or puppy for your family.

The German Shepherd is unparalleled for his nobility and trustworthiness. He is well suited for show, schutzhund, agility, as well as, for service and family guardian. Above all, he is a true companion, the dearest of friends, and a treasured family member!

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